Staunton & Lycett’s crew can perform every phase of the job, from consultancy, needs assessment, procurement and training. From clearing and fencing to construction of high end ICT centers including all communication infrastructure and business systems deployment. From rooftops to water towers, monopoles to lattice towers, whip antennas to stealth panels, Staunton & Lycett’s crews are all experienced in tower erection, as well as antenna and transmission line installation and alignment. We are experienced in drilling and installing caissons, as well as excavating spread-footer foundations too. We have the staff, tools and experience.

For Staunton & Lycett’s crew, safety is the keyword on all jobs and the first priority. We realize and understand the inherent dangers in our job, and therefore exercise the highest degree of caution as a result. We use type-approved safety equipment, and inspect it daily. We also regularly receive training in all aspects of safety, including rescue recovery and fall safety through regular briefings held to ensure that safety remains in the forefront of our daily pre-approved routine.

Services Offered

We supply highly specialised military equipment to the armed forces of the Federal republic of Nigeria.

Our strength lies in our understanding of the local environment and the capability to apply dynamic solutions using leading edge technology to ensure your satisfaction. Being passionate about your purpose, our promise is to be with you every step of the way, ensuring we deliver anywhere you request, under any situation.

Our highly motivated and qualified installation teams are familiar with deploying fibre solutions and producing quality installations with tight deadlines

  • Tower Erection
  • Tower Strengthening
  • Tower Painting
  • Antenna and Lines, Installation and Connection
  • Transmission Line Support Structure Installation
  • Transmission Line Installation
  • Microwave Installation and Optimization
  • Lighting systems installation
  • Fiber Infrastructure Deployment
  • Field Survey and Engineering Measure
  • ELP & OFC deployment
  • Splicing & Termination
  • ODF Preparation
  • Application Systems Development
  • Instructional and Training Software
  • Embedded Systems
  • System Software
  • Systems Analysis and Design
  • Database Systems
  • Fault Tolerance Computing
  • Games Apps
  • Local Area Network
  • Wide Area Network
  • Remote Connections
  • Satellite Communications
  • Wireless Communications
  • Internet Connectivity
  • Multi-User / Multi Tasking Systems
  • Networking Systems Analysis and Maintenance
  • Network Systems and Implementation, Administration and Management
  • Diagnosis, Repairs And Maintenance of all Computing Equipment
  • PC Assembling and Refurbishing
  • Hardware designs & Hard Ware Engineering
  • Equipment Sourcing, Acquisition, Supply and Installation
  • Data Processing Bureau & Rescue Operations
  • Feasibility Study and Reporting & Recruitment
  • Systems Evaluation And Appraisal
  • Turn Key Computerization
  • User Needs Identification and Analysis
  • Supervision and Project Monitoring & General Consulting
  • Applications Software
  • General And Specific Solution
  • Communications Software
  • System Software
  • Games and Expert Systems
  • Utilities & Search Engine
  • Teslin Cards
  • PVC Cards
  • Silicon Cards
  • Corporate Training
  • Technical Training
  • Special Training
  • Conference and Seminars

We use our network to offer distributor services to companies and organizations. We offer our services to

  • X-bridge Services UK Ltd
  • Core Connexion UK Ltd
  • Cisco Systems
  • Site Reconnaissance
  • Path Profiling using DGPS
  • Path Loss Analysis
Custom business applications model the business processes and thus the competitive advantage of an organization. The advantages custom business applications have over off-the-shelf applications is that they are customized to suit your exact business processes. We have teams dedicated towards the development and deployment of custom n-tier applications for the desktop and Internet. With a Customer base that includes major Blue Chip Companies through to Small Businesses, we consider all projects to be of equal importance to us.
Our team is focused on developing and deploying software solutions for the enterprise. The right software is what turns a business into an e-business. Through e-business, organizations have been able to reduce costs, improve customer relationships, exploit market opportunities, improve the way they operate and generally harness the monumental potentials of the Internet for competitive advantage and at Staunton & Lycett we are dedicated towards helping organizations to achieve these objectives. Our Application Development Services are delivered using leading edge technologies and solutions including, but not limited to, Peoplesoft™, Oracle and Microsoft databases/tools. We work hand-in-hand with our clients studying and documenting their processes and deploying integrated solutions that help to drastically improve everyday functions while at the same time keeping costs at a minimum.
Staunton & Lycett offers a wide range of site, microwave, and tower, antenna and transmission line maintenance and support services. Staunton & Lycett’s personnel are equipped, trained and experienced in all aspects of the testing, maintenance and inspection of electrical, electronic, RF and grounding systems.

BTS Construction